Acasă Articole RTR Patrimoniu sibian. O carte manuscrisă din Ocna Sibiului

Patrimoniu sibian. O carte manuscrisă din Ocna Sibiului


Sibiu Patrimony. A Manuscript Book from Ocna-Sibiului

In the collections of manuscript books from “Astra” Library – Sibiu we can find the integral copy of the Romanian text from Dimitrie Cantemir philosophical work “Divanul sau gâlceava înţeleptului cu lumea sau giudeţul sufletului cu trupul” [The Divan or the Argument of the Wise Man with the World or the Judgement of the Soul with the Body], printed in Iasi in the 30-th of August 1698. The author of this first copy – dated 1703 – is the priest Ioan from Ocna Sibiului who, settled in Wallachia at Constantin Brâncoveanu’s Court, brought money to rebuild the church but the earliest printings as well. Inspired by the moralizing contents of the Divan, priest Ioan turns its copy into a spring of knowledge for generations of Romanians from Transylvania.
Keywords: Dimitrie Cantemir, manuscript book, “Astra” Library


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