Acasă Articole RTR Pamfil Matei, Cu gândiul la Panteonul „Asociaţiunii“

Pamfil Matei, Cu gândiul la Panteonul „Asociaţiunii“


Thinking of the Association’s Pantheon

On the 150th anniversary since the creation of ASTRA – the most important cultural society of Romanians in Transylvania -, starting from the unveiling of a statue of August Treboniu Laurian in the ASTRA Park from Sibiu, the author of the study meditates on the Romanians’ gratitude (and, not surprisingly, also their ingratitude) towards the deserving ministers of ASTRA and of the Romanian culture, as well as to the profound truth of Andrei Bârseanu’s statement: “By doing justice to the memory of great men, peoples honorthemselves.”
Keywords: Romanian history, XIXth century, Transylvania, ASTRA Association, statues of ASTRA personalities, ASTRA’s Pantheon