Acasă Articole RTR Ovidiu Valentin Boc, Un manuscris de la istoricul Ştefan Meteş

Ovidiu Valentin Boc, Un manuscris de la istoricul Ştefan Meteş


A manuscrispt from the historian Ştefan Meteş

The manuscris, preserved by the County Service of the National Archives of Cluj, in the Ştefan Meteş archive Fund, in the fille nr. 80, represents a written memorial of David Prodan addressed to his superior, Ştefan Meteş, the head of the Regional Manager’s office of the State Archives from Cluj, wich reflects the sad situation in wich the institution and its employees are. The changes at the governmental level and the promotion in the under-secretary of State function of Ştefan Meteş, in the government of Iorga determined the forwardind of the document. The relation between David Prodan and Ştefan Meteş was at that time, still friendly, normal, as it resulted from the written ideas of David Prodan in his memorandum where he claimed some natural rights, but quite impossible to be carried out in the economical situation the country was. The claims of the memorial were: presenting the real situation in the working place, the increase of salary and the obtaining of a scholarship in Wienna, the getting of a new building for the archives and changing of the office he worked in from a simple place, where the documents were heaped up in boxes, in one in wich the scientific research could be developed, at least as in other similar institutions from the country

Keywords: manuscrispt, memorial, Ştefan Meteş, David Prodan, archive;

  • România, Arhivele Naţionale Serviciul Judeţean Cluj (ANSJ Cluj), Fond Ştefan Meteş, nr. inventar 1435, dosar nr. 80, 6 file şi dosar nr. 4, 77 file / Romania, National Archives, Cluj County Service, Ştefan Meteş fund, inventory number 1435, file number 80, 6 leafs and file number 4, 77 leafs.

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