Acasă Articole RTR Ovidiu-Valentin Boc, Memoriul istoricului Ştefan Meteş către Iuliu Maniu asupra situaţiei arhivelor...

Ovidiu-Valentin Boc, Memoriul istoricului Ştefan Meteş către Iuliu Maniu asupra situaţiei arhivelor din Transilvania


Report of the historian Stefan Metes to Iuliu Maniu concerning the state of the Transylvanian archives

The subject of this paper is part of a larger research dedicated to the life and activity of the historian Stefan Metes (1887-1977) and is focused on a report made by the Director of the Cluj State Archives, addressed to Iuliu Maniu as President of the Ministry Council. This report – which is in fact a real documentary source – shows the state of the Transylvanian archives in the third decade of the 20th century, taken over by the Romanian authorities after the 1918 Unification and neglected by the previous Transylvanian establishment, dispersed or kept in inappropriate conditions. The report also advocates for a regional headquarters of the Cluj Archives and for qualifying the staff for organizing, researching and recovering the archival funds and documents.
Keywords: report, Iuliu Maniu, Stefan Metes, archives, activity, director

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