Acasă Articole RTR Ovidiu Simion, Erotikon Euromorphotikon. Eutopia.

Ovidiu Simion, Erotikon Euromorphotikon. Eutopia.


Erotikon Euromorphotikon. Eutopia.

The study focuses on the volume of Caius Dobrescu, Euromorphotikon, seing it as a rather postmodern epic, an epos (in the ancient Greek meanings: “word”, “poem”, “song” and “story”) revisited – despite the author’s Prolog and / or  Argument. Euromorphotikon is, in matters of its topic, a postmodern erotikon (love song). What was started in in 1990 in contemporary Romanian literature by Mircea Cărtărescu’s Levantul is ended after two decades by Caius Dobrescu’s Euromorphotikon. The author of the study sees the two works as what Anglo-Americans would call “milestones in literature”. Caius Dobrescu’s advantage could result exaclty from the lucid manner in which he designed his book: namely as a Eutopia, instead of a Utopia.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Caius Dobrescu, Euromorphotikon, postmodernism, postmodern epic, Utopia, Eutopia

  • Caius Dobrescu, Euromorphotikon, Ed. Tracus Arte, Bucureşti, 2010.