Acasă Articole RTR Ovidiu Boc, Catalogul manuscris al bibliotecii lui Ştefan Meteş

Ovidiu Boc, Catalogul manuscris al bibliotecii lui Ştefan Meteş


The manuscript catalogue from the library of Ştefan Meteş

The manuscript catalogue of the library that belongs to Ştefan Meteş reveals his high degree of culture, his intellectual horizon, his concerns and interest for various cultural domains, starting with history, continuing with philology, theology, geography, bibliology, pedagogy, psychology. The best represented cultural domains are history, theology and philology. The presence of foreign books stands as proof to the fact that the historian and rector Ştefan Meteş knew Hungarian, German, French, some foreign books being quoted in his works. Even though the number of books prior to 1850 is small, the library is still priceless because of the many titles from various cultural fields and especially because every book or newspaper is read. Ştefan Meteş’s private library bears witness to the universe, the cultural level, concerns and training of the Transylvanian scholar, being important because it contains many of the sources quoted by the historian in the footnotes of his works, which points to the accuracy and interest for the best possible argumentation, explanation of personal information and works.

Keywords: catalogue, manuscript, library, Ştefan Meteş, book;

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