Acasă Articole RTR Ovidiu Baron, Asociaţiunea, muzeul şi oamenii săi

Ovidiu Baron, Asociaţiunea, muzeul şi oamenii săi


The Association, the Museum and their people

The fruit of many years of research in the archives of Sibiu and from other cities, as well as of a few decades of experience as a curator documentarist – or as a documentarist of the museum – the book of Mrs. Ana Grama, Ethnomuzeography from Transylvania: 1950-1950: the Museum of the Association, gives us a broad and credible perspective over the emergence and evolution of the ASTRA Museum until 1950, with some forays even after the time limit stated on the cover. The author strives to understand and to explain the phenomenon of the ASTRA, starting with a larger context, almost a century before its establishment in Sibiu, in 1861. The book includes all the steps that led to the establishment of the ASTRA Museum, insisting on the debate about its purpose, the founding collections and the achievement of a building to accommodate it. The volume is complemented by reproductions of archival documents, relevant to the theme treated, by an impressive selection of photographs – the photographic archive of ASTRA and the most important photographs represented in the collection are also presented in detail – as well as several articles that address disparate aspects of the museum history.

Keywords: the ASTRA Association, the ASTRA Museum, ethnography, museography, Sibiu, photografic archive, museum history.

  • Ana Grama, Etnomuzeografie transilvană: Muzeul Asociaţiunii 1905-1950 / Transylvanian ethnomuseography: The Museum of the Association 1905-1950, Sfântu Gheorghe, Editura Eurocarpatica, 2010.