Acasă Articole RTR Oraşul Alba Iulia – simbol al civilizaţiei europene

Oraşul Alba Iulia – simbol al civilizaţiei europene


The City of Alba Iulia – symbol of the European civilization

The essay “The City of Alba Iulia – symbol of the European civilization” has been delivered at the opening of the universitary year 2008-2009, at the „1 Decembrie 1918” University – Students’ Culture House, on the 1st of October 2008. A few weeks later, on the 7th of November 2008, Prof. Dr. Alberto Castaldini received, based on his historical work and his cultural-diplomatic activity performed for Italy, Romania and implicitly for Europe, the distinction of Doctor Honoris Causa at “Alma Mater Apulensis”. Manager at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura „Vito Grasso” – Bucharest, Alberto Castaldini (b. 1970, Verona, Italy) is Professor at the European University – Faculty of Historical Sciences, Rome, and is collaborating with the „Martin Luther Universität” from Halle – Wittenberg, „Institut für Geschichte”, and, respectively, with different Universities from Padova and Verona. At the moment, he is „Visiting professor” of Italian History at the University of Bucharest, Honorary Member of the „Nicolae Iorga” History Institute, again from Bucharest and has been confered the title of „Doctor Honoris Causa” of the University from Cluj-Napoca. He is part of the staff of numerous prestigious institutions and cultural-scientific associations from Bucharest, Gorizia, Mantova, Milano, Oxford, Ravenna, Verona, and others.
Keywords: history of Transylvania, educational system in Transylvania, cultural history of Alba-Iulia, history of the University in Alba-Iulia