Acasă Articole RTR Operaționalizarea experimentului în critica literară românească

Operaționalizarea experimentului în critica literară românească


The Operationalization of Experiment in Romanian Literary Criticism

Abstract: This study has a two-fold structure, in its first part exploring various models of experimental literature, proposed by researchers such as Gerald Prince and Warren Motte, as well as theoretical attempts to define and analyze experimental literature in Romania. The second part focuses on the quantitative analysis of keywords related to “the experimental” found in literary histories of Romanian literature authored by E. Lovinescu, G. Călinescu, Nicolae Manolescu, and Mihai Iovănel, as well as The General Dictionary of Romanian Literature and The Chronological Dictionary of the Romanian Novel. By simply searching several pointedly chosen terms in the corpus, a cartography of what is considered to be experimental emerges clearly, alongside its relation to the canon, to the dynamics of literary genres, and to the temporal evolution of Romanian literature.

Keywords: quantitative analysis; keyword analysis; Romanian literary histories; experimental literature.

Citation suggestion: Pojoga, Vlad. “Operaționalizarea experimentului în critica literară românească”. Transilvania, no. 7-8 (2021): 144-152.