Acasă Articole RTR Onomastica în romanele lui Virgil Duda

Onomastica în romanele lui Virgil Duda


The Proper Names In The Novels Of Virgil Duda

This article follows the avatars of the onomatics of Virgil Duda’s prose, by analyzing a sample of several relevant novels from the point of view of their proper nouns. Jewish writer, brother of the essayist Lucian Raicu, Virgil Duda defines his writing personality in a much-commented analytical style, with many phrases, either by autobiographical or fictional subjects, circumscribed to the epoch he lived in – before and after the fall of communism. The proper nouns in this prose show a clear interest in this aspect, being secondary but not without function and significance, adequacy and expressiveness being their main qualities.

Keywords: proper nouns, post-war novel, neomodernism, metatext, 60th generation.