Acasă Articole RTR Octavio Paz: poezie, tradiție și modernitate. Puncte de convergență

Octavio Paz: poezie, tradiție și modernitate. Puncte de convergență


Octavio Paz: Poetry, Tradition, Modernity. Points of Convergence

Considered one of the most important contemporary writers and thinkers of Latin America, Octavio Paz changed for ever the face of Mexican literature. Preoccupied of the relationship between poetry and the modern age, this author dedicated essential essays to this specific problem, but he did not forget nevertheless to evaluate the changes experienced by modern literature from the Romantic epoch to the present-day age. His essays, from The Labyrinth of Solitude to The Bow and the Lyre or The Signs in Rotation prove his decision to define the essence of modern art and altogether that of the meaning of the so called „literary tradition”. Based upon the lectures he gave in the USA in the 70s, his cycle of essays dedicated explicitly to the modern poetry analyzes the evolution of European literature from the Romanticism to the Avant-Garde, establishing the points of convergence between the poetic domain, the religious one and their relationship with the society, in order to finally explain the essence of the poem and to underline the role of each reading act.
Keywords: tradition, modernity, modern poetry, religion, Romanticism, Avant-Garde.


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