Acasă Articole RTR O teorie a dreptății

O teorie a dreptății


A Theory of Justice

The approach favored by Sen in his book on justice makes a difference from other competing theories of justice, in that Sen focuses on capabilities rather than on institutional arrangements. Splitting from the contractualist theories on justice, an especially from the theory of justice as fairness as it was formulated by Rawls, Sen is inquiring on the liberties enjoyed by people in their quest for their own happiness. By doing so, the social choice theory put forward avoids the sterile debate on the design of the best institutions and the required behavior in order to found a really fair society. By contrary, accepting the shortcomings of partial rankings of preferences and individual choices, Sen looks for the means making the good society work and for the way one can improve living on Earth. Far for despising the important advancements brought by the theory of justice as it was formulated by Rawls, Sen values both liberty and all disposable means for reducing iniquity, poverty, famine, terrorism and slavery that currently affects very cruelly many societies on the globe.

Keywords: social theory, social justice, social choice theory, Amartya Sen