Acasă Articole RTR O mie nouă sute optzeci și patru. Prezentul etern al terorii absolute

O mie nouă sute optzeci și patru. Prezentul etern al terorii absolute


1984. The Eternal Present of Absolute Terror

This article will concentrate on the consubstantiality between utopia and dystopia in the tormented twentieth century. From the naive utopia to the austere dystopia, the genre suffered considerable mutations and this shows, once again, that literature is not a remote island secluded from social and political influence. Utopia and dystopia are actually co-extensive. The specific difference is of degree and atmosphere. Utopia is the human aspiration to perfection and to orderly, aseptic and congruent worlds. And even if it presents all this from a different angle, dystopia also represents the aspiration to a pan-deterministic world, saturated of meaning. But, when compared to any utopia, dystopia is the imaginary world seen through the eyes of the heretic, of the one whose awakened consciousness perceives the fact that all the props of the state are not convincing anymore because they are not infallible anymore.

Keywords: George Orwell, dystopia, hereticism, the sacred.


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