Acasă Articole RTR O lectură modernă a operei lui Pavel Dan

O lectură modernă a operei lui Pavel Dan


A Modern Reading of Pavel Dan’s Work

The author of this study analyzes Gabriela Chiciudean’s book, Pavel Dan şi globul de aur al creatorului (Pavel Dan and the Creator’s Crystal Globe), issued bythe Publishing House of the Romanian Academy in 2007. It is an approach based on the theory of the imaginary (as the subtitle states) aimed at Pavel Dan’s work, a middleground writer of the Romanian literature whose literary career was broken prematurely. It can be noticed that, after setting the theoretical background preparing the perspective of the approach, Gabriela Chiciudean investigates the main themes with frequent references to the theoretical source and gives an overview of the most interesting aspects of the theories of the imaginary, and especially of those of the social imaginary.Pavel Dan’s Transylvania, as Chiciudean Gabriela underlines, „is an imagined one, a land of his own, and, in order to rediscover it, he had to reconstruct it from the place and time when he was born.“ The access to a certain image of Transylvania (different from that of Slavici or Rebreanu in many respects) was conditioned by a „reconciliation“ of the prodigal son with his „great peasant family”. The central stake of the book is to bring Dan Pavel back to the interest area of the new generations of readers, and, in order to achieve this objective, Gabriela Chiciudean considers that the theory of the imaginary, particularly of the social imaginary, provides the necessary elements for a convincing demonstration. Therefore, each chapter and subchapter comprises an investigation, either historical or theoretical, with a view to attaining persuasiveness. The different units of the imaginary become objects of meditation, with particular symbols.
Keywords: Pavel Dan, imaginary, short stories, social imaginary, Transylvania, re-establishment, re-reading, actualization


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