Acasă Articole RTR O lecție de gramatică a lui Alexandru Papiu Ilarian. Revelația unui document...

O lecție de gramatică a lui Alexandru Papiu Ilarian. Revelația unui document inedit


Alexandru Papiu Ilarian’s Grammar Lesson. The Revelation of a Unique Document

Alexandru Papiu Ilarian is one of the leading representatives of Romanian Romantic historiography, which had a dynamic start following the Revolution of 1848. He was also interested in other branches of humanistic sciences. It was something characteristic of his generation. His attitude was necessary mostly in Transylvania (the Romanian province that was commanded by the Austrian Empire). For instance, Alexandru Papiu Ilarian got involved into an intense philologic argument. The debate was about establishing a uniform and pertinent Romanian spelling. There are several writings on this line: Limba română şi ortografia ei etimologică [Romanian Language and its Etymological Spelling]; Neologismul [Neologism] etc. They could be grouped under the sign of one motto: Să învățăm româneşte, domnilor! [Gentlemen, Let us Learn Romanian!]. Alexandru Papiu Ilarian used the motto as a title for one of his early writings. The novelty brought by the present discussed material lies primarily in the fact that it has been totally unknown up to this point. Secondly, it emphasizes philologist Papiu Ilarian’s  didactic interests. It is one of the oldest Romanian texts, which have been organised in the form of units of learning (lessons). It was the author’s wish to clarify the issue related to vowels and consonants in Romanian language, calling both diachronic approaches, as well as the synchrony.

Keywords: didactic approach, Phonology, Phonetics, the variety of sounds, changing the sounds, vowels, consonants.


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