Acasă Articole RTR O analiză a receptării lui Mihail Sebastian: „Câștigul” prin traducere și problema...

O analiză a receptării lui Mihail Sebastian: „Câștigul” prin traducere și problema dublului canon


An Analysis Of Mihail Sebastian’s Reception: “The Increment” Through Translation And The Problem Of The Double Canon

The present paper aims for an analysis on how “For two thousand years” and the journal of Mihail Sebastian have been perceived within the Romanian as well as the western space, where it entered via translation. Although he will remain outside the literary canon locally, because of the difficulty to define writer on the Romanian literary stage, he will achieve a level of visibility and acknowledgement for the foreign public through translation. Using Pascale Casanova and David Damrosch’s theories on literary canon as well as Andrei Terian’s hypothesis on capitalizing the written creations, I will examine how Sebastian’s texts respond (or not) to the aesthetic criteria in an attempt to analyze the different ways in which they were received autochthonously, in a space dominated by canon and transnationally, with a wider range of critical judgement.

Keywords: national canon/ transnational canon, translation, critical reception, aesthetic criteria, canonical authority