Acasă Articole RTR Norvegia – finanţator european (Programul de cooperare norvegian)

Norvegia – finanţator european (Programul de cooperare norvegian)


Norway – European Financer (The Norwegian Cooperation Program)

Romania will receive over the next two years approximately 98.5 million euros from the Norwegian State and from the European Commission with the title of external grant funding în order to implement 70 projects în priority areas. The projects have obtained the approval of the authorities în Brussels and will be financed and implemented on the Norwegian Cooperation Program and on the Mechanism of the European Economic Area în cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. The areas are similar to those financed from the EU budget, including: environmental protection, energy production, health, cultural heritage preservation and development of human resources. The effort is possible due to the fact that Novegia has budget surplus as a result of adequate budgetary policies.
Keywords: Norway, The Norwegian Coopertion Program, non-returnable funds, environment protection, energy production, cultural patrimony

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