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Noi ediţii de carte românească veche în biblioteca Mănăstirii Cocoş din nordul Dobrogei. Consideraţii


New editions of old Romanian book in the library of Cocoş Monastery from Northern Dobrudja. Considerations

After the inventory of the entire old book collection in the patrimony of Cocoș Monastery (Tulcea County), in 2015-2016 here were identified and researched new editions and copies of old Romanian books printed inside the borders of Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Wallachia, in Moldavia as well as in the typographies from Chisinău and St. Petersburg. From the total of 56 editions in 74 copies, we have recently brought into discussion 15 editions in 29 copies printed in Transylvania (Blaj, Brasov, Sibiu) and in the Romanian typographies from Vienna and Buda.
Through the present study we introduce in the scientific circuit still unpublished copies, 45 from 41 editions dated in 1731-1828, which have come from the Wallachian and Moldavian printing centres. Some editions are kept in two or three copies. Almost half from the number of the copies, more exactly 20, belonged to the monastery’s library from the past. The others were brought from numerous Tulcea parishes, fact which explains the circulation and the spreading of the old books in the settlements from Northern Dobrudja.

Keywords: Cocoş Monastery-Tulcea County, old Romanian book, new editions, Dobrudja, the circulation of the old books