Acasă Articole RTR Nicolae Rusu, Istoria autocefaliei Bisericii Ortodoxe Române

Nicolae Rusu, Istoria autocefaliei Bisericii Ortodoxe Române


The history of the autocephalous Romanian Orthodox Church


Romanian Orthodox Church as a social and religious institution in the former Romanian feudal states has combined her existence with the historical steps of the Romanian nation, acquiring forms of organization related to that time, focusing with success in time, without giving up on the Orthodox essence who gave her a Romanian cope. We find on every page of our people history, on the feudal era, the presence of the Church who was in the service of state interests and the Romanian people. The Romanian Orthodox Church has become the church of the people, governing herself independently by her own laws developed under Orthodox canon law rules and principles.

Administering and leading herself in a autocephalous way, the Orthodox Church always kept the dogmatic unity, canonical with the Eastern Orthodox Church and he acknowledged the honorary law of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Byzantium «first representative of the Orthodox Church”, equal to the other heads of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches.

After a long struggle and interventions, in the nineteenth century the Romanian Orthodox Church was recognized as autocephalous institution, and in our age it has the right to be organized as a autocephalous patriarchate (1925).

Keywords: History, Autocephaly, Orthodox, Romanian, Church.