Acasă Articole RTR „Neo-sovietic“ sau mahmureala imperialistă

„Neo-sovietic“ sau mahmureala imperialistă


Neo-Soviet or Imperial Hangover

The paper aims at exploring the introduction of the concept “neo-Soviet” in relation to already widely used “post-Soviet”, “post-communist”, taking into account social-political aspects of former Soviet republics. The special focus is on the main traits of this concept in case of Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union: Soviet nostalgia, incapacity to escape the collective self and to find identity and purpose within the transitional milieu, along with some obsessive conspiracy patterns when it comes to world view. Corruption, bribery, financial inequality, media control and information bubble, as well as relationship with the west and western values and products are other facets of our brief analysis. This attempt of conceptualization wouldn’t be complete without an excursion into the Russian Idea as the Russian national ideology, presented as such by N. Berdyaev, on one hand, and the persistent “imperial hangover” as suggested by V. Pozner, on the other.

Keywwords: Neo-Soviet, post-Soviet, transition, imperial hangover, (post/neo-) Soviet mentality