Acasă Articole RTR Nașterea științei moderne

Nașterea științei moderne


The Genesis of Modern Science

The beginning of the 17th century is a turning point in the coming of the modern science. By comparing the standpoints of Francis Bacon and Galileo Galilei, the article aims at evaluating the essential change in the scientific reasoning.
Whereas Bacon is still attached to the Renaissance heritage and emphasizes the hope for a unified knowledge, Galilei makes a step forward in formulating a mathematical understanding of the universe. By overpassing the inherent difficulties of a unified understanding of the world, and by limiting the knowledge to the sensible observation of
phenomena, the modern science split from the heritage of the previous centuries and engaged into a new path. This path is the promotion of testing the research hypothesis as the only proof for validating any given theory.

Keywords: European history, European modernity, philosophy of science, modern science.


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