Acasă Articole RTR Muzeul “Astra”, promotor al culturii istroromâne

Muzeul “Astra”, promotor al culturii istroromâne


“Astra” Museum – Promoter of the Istro-Romanian Culture

In 2005, “Astra” Museum initiated a new program of cultural services within the “Marketing, Pedagogy, Tourism and Public Relations Department”, consisting in granting cultural assistance to the “Romanians all over”. The fact that more than 2,5 millions of Romanian citizens live, permanently or temporarily, outside Romania’s borders and the fact that their primary spiritual necessity, when talking to their adoptive, emigrati on country or the one that temporarily hired them, is the assertion of their ethno-cultural identity, have motivated our initiative, commitment and the laboriously well-set program, which has been promoted by means of several activities and media channels.
Keywords: Istro-Romanian Culture, Istro-Romanian language, cultural services, Astra Museum, cultural identity, cultural assistance