Acasă Articole RTR Monica Borș, Îmi plac desenele animate

Monica Borș, Îmi plac desenele animate


I love cartoons!

The present study has in its focus some series of linguistic slips and errors present in cartoons, such as they are translated on Romanian TV channels. As the said cartoons and comics have kids as their target audience, these errors are far more dangerous for their proper education than the other type of mistakes met in everyday media read or consumed by adults which have been analyzed in some other previous studies published by the author in Revista Transilvania. There have been observed two categories of errors: those resulted from an improper translation of the original text of the cartoons and those originating in an improper use of the daily language. In the end, the study manages to classify the cartoon channels according with the quality represented by the appropriateness of their language and broadcasts.

Keywords: media and education, linguistic errors in cartoons, translation issues and ethics, TV violence in cartoons

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