Acasă Articole RTR Mircea-Alexandru Gligor, Libreria Piccolomini

Mircea-Alexandru Gligor, Libreria Piccolomini


The Piccolomini Library

The Piccolomini Library was built in the left nave in front of the transept of the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral of Siena. Built in 1492, this monumental room is one of the trademarks of both Siena and Pope Pius III, honoring the life and work of Enea Silvio Piccolomini (the Humanist Pope Pius II). The monumental room was erected in 1492. Ten years later, a contract was stipulated between the Cardinal Francesco Tedeschini Piccolomini (Pope Pius III) and Pinturicchio who was entrusted with decorating the Library. After the sudden death of Pope Pius III, on October 18, 1503, his nephews, Andrea and Giacomo, respected his will and finished the Library. However, the collection of books left behind by Pope Pius II that were supposed to be destined for the Piccolomini Library, never actually arrived in Siena. The iconography depicted by Pinturicchio with the help of Amico Aspertini and a young Raffaello Sanzio contradicts the initial purpose of this space and it is far from being similar to its contemporary or future libraries, resembling more the medieval capitulary libraries, annexed to the northern flank of the cathedrals, far less impressive in size in comparison to the Piccolomini Library. The entire look of the library is more akin to that of a chapel. This is juxtaposed, however, with the frescoes on the walls which depict the life and work of Piccolomini. With their antique rather than religious nature, they contribute to the overall uniqueness of the entire space, mirroring the complex personality and life of Pope Pius II.
Keywords: Libreria Piccolomini, Santa Maria Assunta di Siena, Pius II, Pinturicchio, Enea Silvio Piccolomini

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