Acasă Articole RTR Minodora Sălcudean, Jurnalismul online în România – o perspectivă diacronică

Minodora Sălcudean, Jurnalismul online în România – o perspectivă diacronică


Online journalism in Romania – a diachronic perspective

So far, little has been written about the appearance, evolution, and the trends in the Romanian online journalism even though there have been reported unprecedented changes brought about by the use of the Internet. New phenomena, such as blogging or citizen journalism have been noticed to emerge and develop significantly, being complementary or dissimilar to traditional journalism. This confluence of mass-media and new media has triggered not only a new outlook on informational flow and monopoly but also new perceptions, new consumerist lifestyles, a brand new relation between producer and information and at the same time between user and information. From this perspective, Romania has rapidly synchronized with the Western countries, yet, there is, undoubtedly, a whole process to be undergone.
Keywords: online journalism, mass-media, new media, internet

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