Acasă Articole RTR Minodora Sălcudean, „Hate speech” în mediul online românesc. Massmedia ca releu, dar...

Minodora Sălcudean, „Hate speech” în mediul online românesc. Massmedia ca releu, dar și ca factor responsabil în limitarea discursului urii


The “Hate-speech” in the Romanian Online. Mass-media as Its Transmission Channel, but also as Responsible Player in the Limitation of Hatred-Doused Discourse

Along with the evolution of participative web, there has been an increase of incidence and intensity at the same time of a phenomenon called hatespeech. Being esssentially a space dedicated to interaction and communication, thesocial media often mirror the users’ disconnected, contrasting perspectives upon mediatized events, that in themselves become pretexts for the proliferation of a hatred-drenched discourse. Racist, xenophobic or homophobic attitudes can be found on social networks, as well as in the comments sections of online newspapers or blogs, as many recent studies and reports are revealing. Inside the intertwining between social media and the more classical media, the latter work as a transmission wire that is releasing and amplifying the emotions found in the online realm. In the Romanian webspace, the most occurrent target of hate speach is the Rroma community; hence, most viral chain reactions of public outrage and vilification appear on occasions when the media bring out into the openacts or events involving this ethnic minority.

Keywords: hatespeech, online, mass-media, social media, journalism