Acasă Articole RTR Mihai Racovițan, Ioan Lupaș (1880-1967): studiu monografic

Mihai Racovițan, Ioan Lupaș (1880-1967): studiu monografic


Vasile Crişan – Ioan Lupaş (1880-1967): a monograph

The present article reviews a historical, quite complete monograph of Ioan Lupaș, observing his scientific personality in the field of history. Ioan Lupaş was the founder of the school of history at the Universitaty of Cluj. His work covers more or less the most impostant chapters in the history of Transylvania. Due to his complex personality, Ioan Lupaş has also left a deep mark on the history of the Orthodox Church, as well as on the history of pedagogical sciences and in the history of the press. The monograph also deals with his political activity. The author finally offers a complete bibliography of the scientist’s work.
Keywords: history of Transylvania, history of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Ioan Lupaș, the Cluj history school