Acasă Articole RTR Mihai Ion, „Dosarul cu bârfe” sau În căutarea comunismului pierdut

Mihai Ion, „Dosarul cu bârfe” sau În căutarea comunismului pierdut


“The Gossip File” or In Search of Lost Communism

The current article is part of my broader interest in studying the literature of Romanian-American diaspora, and its main purpose is to bring into foreground the work of a writer deeply engaged in turning the exile’s stormy voyage through life into a captivating tale, employing all the artistic tools of fiction. Being the sequel of other two novels on the theme of exile, Gabriel Pleşea’s The Gossip File depicts in vivid colours the gruesome image of a malignant, oppressive regime that holds full control of the political and social life in communist Romania. The author’s double perspective – his insider position as a witness to the incidents narrated, as well as his outsider standpoint provided by distance (exile) and time (memory) – render the novel heartfelt and genuinely truthful.
Keywords: exile, diaspora, communism, ‘sintactic’ culture/society, stereotypical identities, ideological clichés

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