Acasă Articole RTR Mihaela Vatamanu, Reînvierea trecutului în „elegiile“ lui Ştefan Bănulescu

Mihaela Vatamanu, Reînvierea trecutului în „elegiile“ lui Ştefan Bănulescu


Reviving the past in the „elegies” by Stefan Bănulescu

This article aims to bring to attention one more time a volume which has been discussed about too little – Stefan Bănulescu – Elegii la sfârsit de secol / Elegies at the End of the Century (1999). The volumes could be ranked among the Romanian biographical writing after the 1990s, still having a specific character. The Elegies written by Bănulescu do not focus only on the self, but also on the memories of a nation under a totalitary system. Banulescu appeals to a method known as fragmentarism with the purpose of depicting genuine images of the past. Sweet irony, lucidity, impartiality, confession, disguise, are only a few of the traits of this text which could be savoured not only by the reader who is not familiar with the previous works by Stefan Banulescu.

Keywords: Stefan Bănulescu, biographical writing, fragmentarism, totalitary system, irony, lucidity, confession.

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