Acasă Articole RTR Metafizicieni, gazete, diavoli şi… vin la E. A. Poe (II)

Metafizicieni, gazete, diavoli şi… vin la E. A. Poe (II)


Metaphysicians, newspapers, devils and wine at E. A. Poe (II)

E. A. Poe had a different view on philosophers and philosophy, leading critics of his work to conclude that he had a rather negative opinion of this spiritual realm and of those studying it. However, on closer look, one can notice a few nuances, such as the difference between metaphysicians and philosophers, the former making up a category within the wider borders of philosophy. Nevertheless, in his writings, Poe would often refer to profound philosophical ideas, sometimes mystical, whereas, in some cases, he would also descend from the higher spheres and highlight more worldly domains, of practical philosophy, such as… gastronomy or oenology, or even the pleasure of consuming wine during heated debates.

Keywords: E. A. Poe, Caragiale, journalism, metaphysicians, devil, wine, philosophy


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