Acasă Articole RTR Mentalul colectiv. “HIC SUNT LEONES”

Mentalul colectiv. “HIC SUNT LEONES”


The General Mentality – „Hic sunt leones”

Starting from the profile of the idea of revolution, as this concept is detailed by the philosopher Reinhart Kosellek in his work dedicated to the history of concepts (2006), a foray is realised into the area of the post- Communist mental state, located challenged by the trial to define the behavioural level of the Romanian contemporaneousness. The social and political field is also taken into consideration, as well as the field of art or culture, when looking the functional resorts to the fore of the social psychology/psychiatry, of the theory of imaginary and communication etc., but not without a specific explication in the actions of the mental state resistance facing the challenges after 1989. Therefore, the national identity crisis becomes also symptomatic with distinct particularities in understanding alterity, or the exhibitions of the nostalgic regresion, or those of nationalism (thought by R. Kosellek to be unfounded ontologically speaking), that are visible in contact with the globalization attempt which assumes another approaching manner of the concepts of „country” and „ethnic”.
Keywords: revolution, post-Communism, collective mental state, social imaginary, Kosellek


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