Acasă Articole RTR Max Blecher’s Symbolic Embodiments of Textual Identity

Max Blecher’s Symbolic Embodiments of Textual Identity


Max Blecher’s Symbolic Embodiments of Textual Identity

When Adventures in Immediate Unreality was written, Blecher had already been sick for years; however there is no evident personal reference throughout the book to the physical ailment captured in detail as a chronic manifestation. The reading from the disease perspective turns Adventures into a novel of evasion, of repression ruled by anamnesis, melancholy and permeable blackouts to the spiritually sick space, impregnated with the germs of absurdity and nothingness to which the narrator abandons himself, with a strong need of erase from the landscape, as the above-mentioned also find their correspondent linguistically in oxymoronic phrases. If we add the description of “cursed spaces” as bodies decomposing – the riverbank thus had some “badly scarred wounds”, we will understand that it is not at all advisable to dispose from the start of the author’s subtle psy¬chology mechanism, as we intend to prove in this paper. The narrator of Adventures smoothly removes the author from the deceiving, anonymous silence background crowded with symbols, transferring the act of discourse and character decodification into the infinitely germinating ineffability of speculation about ipseity.

Keywords: Max Blecher, Adventures in Immediate Unreality, writing as evasion, anamnesis, melancholy, the author’s mirrored psychology, textual ipseity


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