Acasă Articole RTR Max Blecher: from the livid worlds to the illuminated super-worlds

Max Blecher: from the livid worlds to the illuminated super-worlds


Max Blecher: from the livid worlds to the illuminated super-worlds

Following Jung’s footsteps, the patient in Max Blecher’s novels accesses the basis of the „collective unconscious” making the „archetype” a crucible of the self, and in the slipstream of Durand’s theories, the narrators juggle with the anthropological structures of the imaginary, gracefully taking advantage of the „fantastic function”. The writing mediates now between reality and dream, causing the osmosis and highlighting in depth the similarities, for the disease has released into the world a creature with the consistency of spectres. The text, thus, becomes the liaison area, „neutral” at wartime (during disease), it is the womb-like „burrow” which hides in its aestheticizing and purifying trenches the sometimes baroque volutes of the sentence, only to reveal the ideal identity of the narrator.

Keywords: unreality, thanatophoria, dynamited self, aestheticized pain, narrative identity, ipseity

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