Acasă Articole RTR „Marş” şi démarche: incursiuni filosofico-istorice în problematica elitei româneşti

„Marş” şi démarche: incursiuni filosofico-istorice în problematica elitei româneşti


„March” and ”démarche”: a philosophical-historical foray in the problem of the Romanian elite

The study investigates the dismantlement of the „grand narrative of history as progress” along with the elitist démarche, starting from the conceptualization of the Romanian elites as presented in Elite în marş by Viorella Manolache. Historical reality appears as a political construct, both modern and postmodern, accomplished with and by the elites. This point is highlighted in relation to Françoise Thom’s Les fins du communisme and Mobilitatea elitelor în România secolului XX (coordinated by Mihai Dinu Gheorghiu and by Mihăiţă Lupu), to sustain the idea of the legitimating démarche of the elites and that of the specific mechanism of elitist legitimation within the relationship between the elites and the Other.
Keywords: Romanian elites, grand narrative, political legitimacy, political identity

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