Acasă Articole RTR Marius Cucu, Abordări ale tematicii nihilismului în gândirea lui Friedrich Nietzsche şi...

Marius Cucu, Abordări ale tematicii nihilismului în gândirea lui Friedrich Nietzsche şi F.M. Dostoievski


Approaches of the Topic of Nihilism in the Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche and F.M. Dostoevsky

Nietzsche’s thinking directs its mechanism of metaphorical philosophy towards the excessive capitalization of the human paradigm up to the dionysical jump in the superhuman dimension. Thus, the superman is for Nietzsche the peak of the progressivity which emanates from the soils of humanity which tends towards the overcoming of its own limits. This ideal, opposed in Nietzsche’s vision, to the decadent and nihilist Christian model, would become the center around
which will gravitate the future of humanity. Stepping on the same road of the re-assessment of the human being, Dostoievski will stop at the utopia of the superman, of the god-man. The Russian thinker will explore the eschatology of
this ideal by capturing its end, the irreversible fall in self-idolatry. Here the freedom, without divinity, the man who is idolizing himself are arriving to the cataclysm of the ontological and moral decadence.
Keywords: re-evaluation of values, superman, nihilism, deification of human, atheist freedom

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