Acasă Articole RTR Mariana Pasincovschi, Paul Goma. Romanul „Astra“: Lizibilitate literară şi semnificaţie estetică. Introducere

Mariana Pasincovschi, Paul Goma. Romanul „Astra“: Lizibilitate literară şi semnificaţie estetică. Introducere


Paul Goma. The novel Astra: Literary readability and aesthetic significance.


The aim of this study is to demonstrate the authenticity, the originality and the literarity of Paul Goma’s novel Astra. The published fragment represents an introduction to a more complex analysis which covers all the levels of Goma’s writing. Starting with the explanation of the meaning of the word “Astra”, around which the whole writing revolves, we propose to penetrate into the novel’s subject, into the atmosphere of that era, tracing the essential lines of the analysis. What is apparent is that, being the mirror of 1949, in a general atmosphere of denial of man by man, the author makes a blueprint of the society from the position of a teenager, looking at the consequences of the totalitarian system and halting on the traumatism of the library’s closure. Built on the basis of binary structures, starting from the duplicity of the Soviet occupant, the text reveals a real narrative drama intensified especially by the lack of solidarity and action of those who surround him. Combining the historical time with the mythical one, the narrator introduces into the novel poetic fragments, managing to keep awake the reader’s curiosity. The writing is a definition of the creative process in which the town Sibiu has an important place.

Keywords: modern Romanian literature, Paul Goma, the novel Astra, literarity, authenticity, duplicity, totalitarian system, ethnic cleansing

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