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Maria Sass, Literatură vs. Film. Peisaj socio-politic şi intercultural din Transilvania în ecranizarea romanului lui Eginald Schlattner, „Cocoşul decapitat“


Literature versus film. Social-political and intellectual landscape in Transylvania in the screening of Eginlad Schlattner’s novel, “The beheaded cock”

The present article deals with the film Der geköpfte Hahn (The Beheaded Rooster) realized under the cinema direction of Radu Gabrea, based on the same-title novel of the Romanian-born German writer Eginald Schlattner. Starting from an analysis of the novel which deals with the decline of the Saxon community in Transylvania and the almost entire disappearance of a culture that has been founded over a period of more than eight centuries, the assets and drawbacks of the screen adaptation are mentioned. Narrating by the means of cinematography, the film adheres to the story line of the novel almost entirely; the scenario has a dramatic potential, the music is adequate, the scenery authentic. Some drawbacks, such as the insufficient argumentation of some particular scenes, can be identified, this fact leading to a certain lack of clarity.

Keywords: Der geköpfte Hahn (The Beheaded Rooster), Transylvanian trilogy, identity, the Second World War, anti-Semitism, novel, screen adaptation, film cast

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