Acasă Articole RTR Maria E. Ţiplic, Radu G. Creţulescu, Ovidiu Chicea, Şerban Sebastian, 3D-Modelling Techniques...

Maria E. Ţiplic, Radu G. Creţulescu, Ovidiu Chicea, Şerban Sebastian, 3D-Modelling Techniques for Historical Monuments


3D-Modelling Techniques for Historical Monuments

The goal of the virtual reconstruction of historical monuments respectively the Romanic churches then the animation of the model is to provide many possibilities in re-examining the building and to be observed from different angles, “flying” in time and space throughout the medieval monument, and to offer a better understanding of a sequence of the transformation and the changes of the monument during the centuries. The authors present some common used techniques like 3D-scanning and 3D-modeling using CAD-software.
Keywords: 3D Graphics, Rendering, Modelling


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