Acasă Articole RTR Mara Mărginean, Înfiinţarea Comitetului de Stat pentru Arhitectură şi Construcţii în noiembrie...

Mara Mărginean, Înfiinţarea Comitetului de Stat pentru Arhitectură şi Construcţii în noiembrie 1952. Premise politice şi economice


The Establishment of the State Committee of Architecture and Construction in 1952 – Political and Economic Premises

This article investigates the context in which the State Committee of Architecture and Construction was established in Romania in the fall of 1952. It pays a particular attention to the activities of the Soviet councillors in Romania during the early 1950s, and also stresses the ideological discourse significant weight in reconfiguring the construction field. Based on a vast archival documentation, this study argues that the institutionalization of socialist realism in Romanian architectural practice occurred under the conjugated actions of the soviet bureaucratic model and local political and economic conditions. As such, this article argues that the reconfiguration of the construction field in the country was partly fueled by the need to develop policies that met the populations’ everyday life needs.

Keywords: Romania, architecture, socialist realism, bureaucracy, economy

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