Acasă Articole RTR Mâna care corupe materia. Poetica personală și exercițiul traducerii

Mâna care corupe materia. Poetica personală și exercițiul traducerii


The Hand that Corupts the Matter. Personal Poetics and the Exercise of Translation</pjustifyleft;”>The following paper aims to analye Nora Iuga’s translation of Paul Celan’s poems in terms of her personal poetics and the way in which certain changes are brought upon the translated poems. The analysis takes into consideration the original poems, but also George State’s translation, in order to place Nora Iuga’s version somewhere in-between. Nora Iuga’s version of Paul Celan’s poems is one that, even though not as loyal to their original form as State’s, manages to depict and convey their essence by creating an original poetry which is a blend of two different poetics.

Keywords: Nora Iuga, Paul Celan, poetics, translation, translating poetry, translation theory.


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