Acasă Articole RTR Maja Lunde: între apocalips și speranță

Maja Lunde: între apocalips și speranță


Abstract:Born in 1975, the Norwegian Maja Lunde, widely known as a gifted children’s writer, surprised the literary world by her first novel, The History of Bees (2015), an ambitious dystopian book meant to put into question some of the greatest challenges our contemporary world has to face: the climatic changes and the threatening idea of a future and hypothetic disappearance of bees. Even if some critics considered her writing dangerously close to non-fiction or an expression of the so called “cli-fi” (“climate fiction”), Lunde proves to be a convincing author, perfectly capable of expressing deep fears of our contemporary Western society, but also able to offer her readers a symbolic solution to many of the major problems of the present. These preoccupations are also to be found in her second novel, The End of the Ocean (2017), where Maja Lunde perfectly succeeds in dealing with some another stringent nowadays issues, namely desertification and water shortages.

Keywords: apocalyptic narrative, dystopian literature, contemporary novel, cli-fi fiction, symbolic structure.

Citation suggestion: Grigore, Rodica. “Maja Lunde: între apocalips și speranță”. Transilvania, no. 6 (2021): 65-70.