Acasă Articole RTR Prozatorul Erwin Wittstock. Interviu cu Joachim Wittstock

Prozatorul Erwin Wittstock. Interviu cu Joachim Wittstock


Erwin Wittstock, the Writer. Interview wih Joachim Wittstock

One of the followers of the writer, Joachim Wittstock, is the author of a monographic study concerning the epic work of the writer Erwin Wittstock (born in 1899 in Sibiu, deceased in 1962 in Braşov), a book that appeared in 1974 (at Dacia Publishing House from Cluj Napoca). He has also dealt with the editing of some volumes that entail reprints and unedited aspects related to Erwin Wittstock, and has also striven by means of writing, spoken words and image to contribute to the recognition of his father’s work and life. I’ve managed to develop this interview by appealing to this philologist, born in 1939 in Sibiu where he still lives today, acquantained with the literature of German expresion from Romania.
Keywords: literature of german expresion from Romania, Erwin Wittstock, Joachim Wittstock, interview