Acasă Articole RTR Loredana Cuzmici, Literatura română postbelică într-un volum al lui Marin Sârbulescu

Loredana Cuzmici, Literatura română postbelică într-un volum al lui Marin Sârbulescu


Romanian Literature after World War II in a Book by Marin Sârbulescu


Marin Sârbulescu’s prose is a very good example of healthy Romanian literature after World War II: it pretends to follow the official directions but, in fact, it undermines them. His short-stories are not only comic, but also affluent in political hints, building up a fancy parody of the communist regime and its stupid rules. The writers and the compulsory method of creation, the propaganda, the levelling of human beings, the class hatred are some of his topics. In order to get rid of censorship, the book contains three texts which seem more time-serving and are placed them at the end, but even those writings contain a very subtle satire, hard to depict by the unimaginative readers.

Keywords: socialist realism, ideology, comic, parody, intertextuality

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