Acasă Articole RTR Local, regional sau etnic în inventarul funerar

Local, regional sau etnic în inventarul funerar


Local, Regional or Ethnic in Funeral Rites

The theoretical discussions about the migration period and that of the Early Middle Ages reveal another important subject, namely the one related to the ethnic aspect. This is an aspect that came forward also within the Greek-Roman archaeology and the Medieval one as well. Nevertheless it is one of the most ambiguous concepts. The term meant pagan within the English literature. It was therefore used in order to establish a community’s religion and emerged only in the year 1953. It was then that the term was used – for the first time – with by its ethnic character.

The concept of ethnic – ethnicity – with all its Greek root – represents an asset of the Modern period, haven’t been generally that wide spread within historical and archaeological writing prior to the 1970s. The term ethnic group was mostly used by anthropologists during the 1960s. Its usage took place during a period characterized by the “benefits” of post-colonialism: the massive population migration from the former colonies towards the metropolitan areas. This movement has generated the emergence of cultural distinct groups of a majority population.

Keywords: modern and contemporary archaeology, ethnic aspect, ethnicity, post-colonialism