Acasă Articole RTR Liviu Simeon Florean. O viață închinată artei

Liviu Simeon Florean. O viață închinată artei


Liviu Simeon Florean, A Life Dedicated to Art

In the contemporary art, on the backdrop of seemingly contradictory fragments of the post-war, tumultuous and expansive, modern and post-modern period, artist Liviu S. Florean develops the path of creation towards perfection, summing up various inter and multicultural phenomena and manifestations.
His artistic destiny was exemplary, for his colleagues, and the national artistic life. An inner drama turned over artists of the new regime, raved from financial perspective, responding mimetically to this change, having a duplicitous, conspiratorial and guilty behavior.
Enthusiastic characters, full of aspirations, they abandoned their spiritual skills throughout their artistic journey, conveying a proletarian artistic message.
The artist’s experience is the cornerstone of the transition from socialist realism to an art with deep roots in national tradition, folk art, and with historical themes emerging from our past.
Coordinator of many monumental works of art and despite the restricting themes imposed by commissioners, he finds solutions based on intelligence and intuition.
The interwar Romanian art is marked by influences of cubism and modernism. In the tumult of life, with social tensions suppressing the cultural phenomenon, it was an opportunity to appropriate or recall some reference events of the history of painting, of its most controversial period.

Keywords: art, culture, socialist realism, proletarianism, modernism.