Acasă Articole RTR Literatura română ca fenomen transnațional

Literatura română ca fenomen transnațional


Romanian Literature as a Transnational Phenomenon

The present article seeks to present succinctly the current state of literary studies in the Romanian cultural and academic space. Following the different paradigm shifts in Western literary theory, be it “the transnational turn”, “the spatial turn” or recent developments in the field of World Literature studies, the paper tries to explain not only today’s developments in critical trends, but also the conditions of the reception of these methodological turns in Romania. In what follows, I will provide a concise exposition of the most recent collective research projects developed in Romania, analysing their premises and anticipating their potential fulfilments for the evolution of critical theory in the autochthonous space.

Keywords: Romanian literature, Romanian literary studies, transnational studies, World Literature, translation studies


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