Acasă Articole RTR Liliana Stan, Elemente ale metafizicii idealului la Petre Andrei

Liliana Stan, Elemente ale metafizicii idealului la Petre Andrei


Elements of the metaphysics of ideal in Petre Andrei

Within the narrow framework of Romanian culture and the all-encompassing framework of European culture Petre Andrei’s name is famous for both the sociology he developed and his contributions in the field of the philosophy of values. However, the theorist is more known as a sociologist and less as a philosopher, although he also gave lectures in this fild. P. Andrei’s philosophical contributions, even if less ample than his other ones, did not lack in axiological relevance or in due acknowledgement. In the preface of the book Filosofia valorii (The Philosophy of Value), D. Gusti wrote in 1945: “unlike most foreign writings, which are insufficient or partial, even today, 27 years after it was written, Petre Andrei’s work is remarkable by the way it presents the issues of value with their systematic connections and all their main forms” (D. Gusti, 1945).

Keywords: ideal, metaphysics, philosophy of value, social level, psychological level, total pesimism, total optimism

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