Acasă Articole RTR Liliana Maria Popa, Tipografia sibiană după 1800

Liliana Maria Popa, Tipografia sibiană după 1800


Typography in Sibiu after 1800

Following the death, in 1789 and in 1801, respectively, of the two great figures of typography in Sibiu, Martin Hochmeister and Petrus Barth, their companies are taken over by the sons. Although the rivalry between the two “houses” still persists, it becomes less dramatic, thanks of a gradual specialization brought about by the two leaders’ options. While Hochmeister specializes in German books, Barth keeps on with and extends Cyrillic typography. Recently uncovered documents allow us to gauge the real dimensions of Barth’s printing house’s activity, whose products reach the remotest corners of the Romanian-inhabited space.
Keywords: typography, Sibiu, Martin Hochmeister, Petrus Barth, Johann-Andreas Barth, printing house Closius, lithographic institute

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