Acasă Articole RTR Angelo Mitchievici, Critica gurmandă și inefabilele ei

Angelo Mitchievici, Critica gurmandă și inefabilele ei


Gormandizer criticism and its ineffables

The present study departs from the observation that the adventure of writing always starts with eating letters; when one passes from writing to reading, this accidental misspelling is transformed into a real, organical, bodily voracity, quite close to eroticism. Even some of the most professional readers still preserve this physical connection with the fictional universe. The examples provided and analyzed by the author are both from the real world (long-run professional readers like Nicolae Manolescu, Roland Barthes, Michel Tournier) and from the fictional worlds (Don Quixote, Des Esseintes etc.)

Keywords: literature and sensation, literature and physical stimuli, the pleasure of the text, fiction as nourishment, Don Quixote, Roland Barthes, Michel Tournier

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