Acasă Articole RTR Pe marginea corespondenţei dintre Antioh şi Maria Cantemir

Pe marginea corespondenţei dintre Antioh şi Maria Cantemir


On the correspondence between Antioh and Maria Cantemir

In the last days of 1731, Antioh Cantemir is named resident of the Sankt-Petersburg Court to St James Palace.The young lieutenant of the Preobrajenski Regiment is therefore rewarded for his political involvement in the events connected with the acceding to the throne of empress Anna Ioannovna; but unofficial, it was aimedt at the alienating from Russia of a capable man that was among the empress’ favourites. It was proved to be a one-way road as the Moldavian prince had never been able to see again his brothers or adoptive country. The family connection has still been kept by means of letters that were quite frequently exchanged with Maria Cantemir. These are extremly important texts not only because of their role in a better knowledge of the Cantimir family, but also for their role in recreating the background and mentality of a period that is generally poor in written sources. From this epistolary dialogue we offer those who are interested three epistles that were unknown until now in the Romanian cultural space.
Keywords: literary history; the destiny of the Cantemir family; Russia in the first half of the 18th century.